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Anonymous Productions presents

Lilli e il Cavaliere: 10 days to challenge Berlusconi  (52 min.)

a film by Caterina Borelli
Caterina Borelli
Editing Giuseppe Petitto
Sound mix Federico Placidi - Millenium Studio, Rome
Production consultant Stefano Tealdi
Financial consultant Carlo Martini
Project graphic design Fabio Simonelli
With the participation of: Valentina Accardo
Guido Alborghetti
Daniele De Sanctis
Jacques Charmelot
Drivers: Oscar Bertozzi
Marco Bonanni
Massimo Carnevali
Alessandro Marini
Thank you to:
Paolo Argentini
Claudia Cannizzaro
Emanuela Castriota
Monica Giorgi Rossi
Herlinde Gruber
Micki Gruber
Andrea Incagnoli
Maria Grazia Santo
Mattia Settimelli
Corrado Verini
© Caterina Borelli, 2004
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Caterina Borelli is an independent director and producer.
Since 1980 she lives in New York, where she started her career with experimental work. Among the grants and fellowships received, she is a recipient of: Villa Montalvo (artist in residence, 2004), Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts (2002), American Institute for Yemeni Studies (1997, 1999, 2001 e 2003), New York State Council on the Arts (1999), Harvestworks Digital Media Arts (Artist in Residence, 1996). Her projects have shown in international festivals and museums such as: the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the United Nations, The British Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Building Museum and Freer Art Gallery/Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, Centro de Arte Museo Nacional Reina Sofia, Madrid; Anthology Film Archives in New York, Pacific Film Archives at UC Berkeley; University of Columbia, Cornell, and Texas at Austin; Cambridge University and School of African and Oriental Studies, in the UK. Ms Borelli is a graduate of the 1987/88 Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Studies Program – Artists’ Studio.

Download film stills

Download photo of the Director (Photo by L. Egyed, ©2005)

Download production still with the Director (Photo by R. Remigio, ©2004)


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